best survival books

Best Survival Books

Reading about survival online is nice (and often free) but I personally just feel like you need to have some good books to read also. Perhaps a book you can take with you out in the wild in case you come across a situation you are unknown about – then you can do a quick readup! Below I will list the top 5 survival books.

“SURVIVE!” by Les Stroud
My personal favourite!
Not “just” a bushcraft book…
Written by a well documentet survivalist
Easy to consume
Heavy reliance on prep (Technically not a con for me but it has to be mentioned)

Out Of 5

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This is not “just” a bushcraft book – it is a true survival book. It focuses on ALL they key aspects of survival.
1) Physical Condition
2) Planning & Preperation
3) Gear
5) Skills
6) Mental Attitude (super important)

This is the book that got me back into survival. After leaving the military and getting back into civilian life I soon began to long for something – I didn’t really know what. I stumbed upon the show Survivorman by Les Stroud and ended up buying his book. Amazing stuff. Super reccomendation from me!

Now with all that said – this book is for the survivalist who goes out by themselves into these situations (like me). If you end up in a unexpected survival situation – this book will still help you a lot but you might need a but of luck on your side then.

The book has sections on:
Trip Planning and Preparation
Survival Kits
Psychological Aspects of Survival
Survival Travel and Navigation
Dangers and Hazards
Survival First Aid
Essential Survival Skills
When Disaster Strikes Close to Home
Personal Survival Kit Checklist
Complete Survival Kit Checklist
Vehicle Survival Kit Checklist
First Aid Kit Checklist
Home Survival Kit Checklist

“Bushcraft 101” by dave canterburry
A great beginners book.
If you want to get into the survival life – this is a great place to start.
Great beginner book
Can be seen as too simple

Out Of 5

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This book is written by one of the two dudes from the show “Dual Survival” (The guy WITH the shoes). Some of you might know that he was fired from the show from lying about his military background. However his co-star mentions that despite this – Dave is still one of the best survival guys out there. So you can trust that this book will give you some great tips!

The book has sections on:
Gearing Up
Your Pack
Rope, Cordage, Webbings, and Knots
Containers and Cooking Tools
In The Bush
Setting Up Camp
Navigating Terrain
Trees: the Four-Season Resource
Trapping and Processing Game
Conserving and Utilizing resources
Wild Edibles and Medicinal Plants
Bush Recipes

This book is focused for the beginner though. So it is a great purchase for your first book! (Then after reading this I would go ahead and buy Les Strouds book above)

“SAS Survival Handbook” by John Wiseman
Another classic…
Written by an ex SAS survival instructor – what more do I need to say?!
Great attention to detail
Great to carry with you
Small text

Out Of 5

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This is a classic. 1st edition came out in 1986 I believe – and we are now on the 3rd edition. It has a good attention to detail which can be necessary in a survival situation. Some people have noted that they are annoyed with some of the details – however – when you are in stressed situations you really need these small details drilled into your brain so it’s 2nd nature.

The book has sections on:
Climate and Terrain
Camp Craft
Reading the Signs
On the Move
Survival at Sea
Urban Survival
Disaster Strategies

“How to stay alive in the woods” by bradford angier
A more “romantic” and humourous look on survival.
It might be dated and pretty simple, but it has some great useful information.
An enjoyable read
A bit outdated

Out Of 5

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So I decided to include this book becuase it’s a nice read from a more simpler time. The book is written with humor and warmth. For any survivalist or someone with interest in the hobby this is a great read. It definately inspired me to get out there. It does have useful tips and you will be better of after having read it.

That being said – if you want a serious survival book – then some of the others on the list might be better.

The book has sections on:

“The Survival Medicine Handbook” by Joseph alden md & amy alton ARNP
This is a must read…
Might be hard to get through but god damn you would want to know these things if s**t hits the fan!
Written by experts
Can be hard to get through

Out Of 5

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So this book WILL save your life if you ever get in a situation where you need some medical advice/help. The 3rd edition is written so it is easy to understand and it is written by true experts nonetheless. It is not going to make you a doctor but in a survival situation having read (and remembered) this book makes you the closest thing to it as there will ever be. It is on the heavier side so I do not think you are going to carry this with you. So perhaps reading the section you feel might be an issue a few times to get them to stick.

This book has section on:
Principles Of Medical Preparedness
Becoming A Medical Resource
Hygiene And Sanitation
Other Infections
Natural Disasters And Environmental Issues
Injuries To Soft Tissues
Chronic Medical Problems
Other Important Medical Issues
Glossary Of Medical Terms

That was it for my list of the best surival books. If you are looking for a list of the essential gear see button below:

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