Lifestraw Personal Water Filter – review

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When I first heard of the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter I thought “What the f**k is that?!” followed immediately by my curiosity and a wanting to know more. The technology and science used in these drinking filtration systems really is amazing. And I like what the company behind this product is trying to do (helping people in need around the world).

What is it, and how does it work?

A personal water filter is basically just a device you can carry with you which makes unclean water safe for drinking. This tech comes in many shapes, sizes and attachments. This particular one os like a straw.

“But how does it work?” – you might ask. Well, when water passes through the tube it passes a microfiltration membrane which removes bacteria and parasites. It also removes microplastics – which basically is “just” very small pieces of plastic. Keep in mind it does not remove any viruses there might be. It does however get rid of all the other nasty stuff which probably were going to be your main problems with the water in any case.

How do you use the LifeStraw personal water filter?

It’s thankfully very simple it’s just not “easy” hehe. You pop off the caps (top and bottom) – and then you are ready to Rock-N-Roll (drink). Some users mention that soaking the LifeStraw personal water filter is best and the official documentation also does mention that it will be hard to get water through the device until its filter has been soaked.

The details

The company behind the LifeStraw personal water filter provide free drinking water for an entire school year for a kid in need, for every LifeStraw product purchased. This part really intrigued me and I did some research – turns out this company is helping out a lot around the world. For this alone they will receive an extra star from me!

Now the product itself here is amazing however, there has been several complaints from users thay they are hard to use and that it’s near impossible to get water through the “straw”. I also would like to point out that I myself think it’s a bit annoying having to lie down next to the water and suck it up. There are other similar products out there from this same company and others that does a better job. An example of this is adding a pump to save yourself having to suck so hard.

Will do in a pinch
If you really are caught between a rock and a hard place this will do the job. But being that it is so hard to use I would go for another alternative.
A great concept
Effective bacteria and parasite removal
Too hard to use
No virus removal
Have to be at the water to use(Can't take water with you)
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